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The Buying Process

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The first step to buying a home is to understand your buying power and establish a price range. As your Mortgage Broker, I can help evaluate your financial standing and provide a pre-approval. I'll review your income and credit history to determine how much the bank will lend you, which will help you determine the price range for your search. Having a pre-approval letter in-hand can also increase the attractiveness of your offer, particularly when a seller has multiple offers to choose from.

Loan Application

Once you've found the home you love and your offer is accepted, you'll work with me to lock in an interest rate and sign your initial disclosures for your home purchase. These disclosures, along with the documents you've provided to verify your income and assets, will be submitted to an underwriting team in order to receive your initial approval.


An underwriter will review all of the information submitted on your application. The underwriter will determine if everything looks accurate and complete, and confirm your eligibility for the loan. The underwriter will issue your initial or Conditional Approval. This will usually include a request for additional documents needed from you as the borrower and for the property, likea property appraisal.

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When the underwriter has issued your conditional approval, you will then be introduced to your processing team. Your processing team will assist me, your mortgage broker, in collecting any additional documents and getting you to the closing table. The conditional approval, as mentioned earlier, typically comes with additional documents or information needed from you as the borrower. However, most of the items on the conditional approval will be pertaining to the property itself, which your processing team will collect. Always be sure to communicate with your processing team promptly, in order to avoid delays in closing.

Clear to Close

Congratulations! You've done it. You've provided all of the documents requested by your processing team, and the processing team has collected all of the necessary documents for the home from the title company and other entities. Once all of these documents have been gathered, your team submits your file back to the underwriter, who then issues your clear to close.


You should have received your Closing Disclosure by now, which you will review and sign electronically at least three business days prior to closing. This will have your final figures for closing. Your title company will schedule your closing for the date agreed upon in your contract and a time that works best for the both of you. The title company will also be sending you your wire information, for you to send your funds over, prior to closing. Please sure sure to bring a valid government issued photo ID to closing.

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